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The King of polymer units

The batch preparation system gives outstanding characteristics compared to a continuous system. The reason is that the

short-circuit effect is avoided. The polymer particles cannot pass the process without being activated. TOMAL‘s proven multiscrew polymer feeder ensures reliable pulsation-free discharge with high accuracy metering. This ensures consistent batch composition.

PolyRex is a turn-key automatic machine for batch-wise preparation of powdered and liquid polymers. PolyRex uses a highly effective three step sequence of wetting, water acceleration and gentle but efficient agitation in the mixing tank to produce a homogeneous and activated polymer solution. PolyRex comes in a wide range of capacities and custom made options.

Direct benefits of a batch preparation ensures a fully activated polymer solution.Powder feeding is accurate with the double screw feeder.Outlet valve helps  prevent moisture from reaching the polymer powder.A highly effective static mixer in stainless steel optimizes the post-dilution water sequence. A large range of options and flexibility enables Tomal to adapt machines to specific requirements.Each unit is wet tested prior to dispatch from the factory and ready for immediate use.Due to its compact design, the PolyRex unit is easy to install and commission.Robust construction ensures a long lifetime and reduced cost.User friendly controls. Proven design with thousands of units in use.

For more information download a brochure

PolyRex Brochure

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