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Polyrex Dry Polymer Batching Systems

Over 25 years of experience has gone into ensuring TOMAL® polymer make-up units give you safe, reliable service and save you money through lower maintenance costs and eliminating polymer wastage.

Dry polymer feed rates for standard PolyRex models range from 0.5 – 41.0 kg/hr with custom designs available to
any size.

More than 175 PolyRex units are currently in operation across Australia and New Zealand in the water & wastewater treatment, mining and pulp & paper industries.

The TOMAL® PolyRex Advantages:

  • Our TOMAL® multiscrew feeder ensures high metering accuracy and consistent batch composition, leading to long term savings in chemical costs.

  • A proven wetting cone and ejector design effectively mixes and transports the polymer solution and eliminates the formation of “fish eyes”.

  • Batching and solution tanks in stainless steel with a custom designed mixer fitted to the batching tank.

  • Optional vacuum conveyor offers a dust-free working environment and eliminates direct contact with the polymer powder.

  • The large touch screen display linked directly to the central PLC provides a user-friendly operator interface.

  • Easily varied batch concentrations, adjusted via the touch screen PLC interface on the main control panel.

  • Optional post-dilution systems complete with in-line static mixer.

  • Flexible material handling options including small hoppers, bulk bag systems and bulk silos.

  • The new OptiMix closed design, high efficiency wetting system developed for the pulp and paper industry.

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