Polyrex Liquid Polymer Batching Systems

The PolyRex Liquid is a compact, fully automated system for the batch-wise preparation of  polymer solutions from comcentrated polymer emulsions or dispersions that may require a slightly longer activation time.

The TOMAL® PolyRex Liquid  Advantages:

  • Standard units from 0.9 – 15.9 kg/hr as 100% active polymer and 15 –60 minutes maturing time

  • Low speed, polymer feed pump ensures gentlr polymer handling and a long operating life with minimal maintenance

  • Our proven high energy wetting cone and ejector design effectively mixes and transports the polymer solution

  • Batching and solution tanks constructed in stainless steel and mounted in a space-saving “tank over tank” arrangement with a custom designed mixer fitted to the batching tank

  • The large touch screen display linked directly to the central PLC provides a user-friendly operator interface

  • Easily varied batch concentrations, adjusted via the touch screen PLC interface on the main control panel

  • Optional post-dilution systems complete with in-line static mixer;

PolyRex Liquid Brochure

General Arrangement Drawings

PolyRex Liquid 1.0                      PolyRex Liquid 2.0               PolyRex Liquid 3.0

PolyRex Liquid 4.0

Flow Diagrams

PolyRex Liquid 1.0-2.0               PolyRex Liquid 3.0-4.0

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