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Ultromat ULDa

A good solution when preparing polymer solutions as flocculation aids.

Ultromat® ULDa double-decker systems are used to process liquid and powdered polymers. The system consists of two separate PP storage tanks, stacked above each other, preventing product carry-over. The polymer solution is batched in the upper storage tank and can be transferred to the lower storage tank once the maturing time has elapsed.

  • Processing of liquid polymer (0.05 – 1.0 %) and powdered polymers (0.05 – 0.5 %)

  • No mixing of fresh and matured polymer

  • Wide range of versions for specific applications

  • Operator-controlled input of solvent concentration and calibration of powder feeder and liquid concentrate pump

  • Water apparatus with flow meter and fitting set for the dilution water

  • Gentle mixing of the polymer solution (electric stirrer)

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Ultromat ULDa

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