Tomal’s multi-screw volumetric feeders unique design uses multiple, overlapping, counter-rotating screws that effectively create a “live bottom” in the storage bin and eliminate the need for bin activators, rotary valves and intermediate hoppers.

A comprehensive range, constructed in either mild or stainless steel and with single or dual outlets guarantees a TOMAL® design solution is available for any volumetric or gravimetric application.

Specialist designs enable Tomal's benefits to be applied to hard to manage products or industry specific requirements. An example is the Tomal 305EC which may be easily dismantled without any tools to meet the easy-to-clean needs of the food and chemicals industries

The multi-screw design ensures a reliable bin discharge with an inherent resistance to arch building. The highly reproducible “discharge per rotation” means that metering accuracies of 0.5% - 1.0% are easily achieved, costly overdosing is minimised and precise formulation is guaranteed.

TOMAL® metering systems are well proven across a broad range of industries including: water & waste water treatment, mining, chemical, pulp and paper, food, glass and porcelain, building materials and environmental control.

The TOMAL® Volumetric Feeder Advantages:

• safe, reliable, self-cleaning discharge with high resistance to arch building;
• high metering accuracy, better than +2%, with linear discharge curves;
• robust and low-wear construction suitable for continuous or batch processes;
• a wide range of models in mild or stainless steel construction
• a complementary range of slide gate valves for isolation.

Feeder Drawings

Type 182    Type 302     Type 305    Type 405    Type 475     Type 626     Type 626S     Type 627    Type 305EC

Slidegate Drawings

Type 180     Type 300     Type 400   Type 400 Pneumatic     Type 470       Type 620      Type 620D

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