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Polymore Liquid Polymer Dissolving & Dosing Systems

The POLYMORE is a fully automated system for the mixing and dosing of concentrated polymer emulsions or dispersions. POLYMORE may be installed

in-line, dissolving and dosing continuously in response to the process demands.

The TOMAL® POLYMORE  Advantages:

  • Standard Units from 0.04kg/h to 25kg/h, as 100% polymer concentration

  • A multi-zone mixing chamber to ensure a homogenous and fuly activated polymer solution

  • Local or remote (4-20mA) control is standard for all units

  • Precise polymer concentrate injection via an easy maintenance, calibration free peristaltic
    metering pump and injection nipple

  • Simple wall mounted, space saving design

  • Easy start-up and commissioning. Just connect the water and power, and the POLYMORE
    is up and running

  • No need for an additional dosing pump to inject the polymer solution into the process

  • Optional polymer dose rate and pump monitoring


For more information download a brochure

Polymore Brochure

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